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About The Kidney and Hypertension Group of South Florida

The Kidney Group was established in 1989. It is a practice comprised of board certified nephrologists – specialists in the kidney providing treatment of difficult-to-control high blood pressure, electrolyte disorders, dialysis (including home dialysis), and transplantation.

Together we form a team that works to predict your future kidney health by providing optimal care for each particular case…predicting your kidney health by creating it.

Each of our doctors has special areas of interest. One shared area of expertise is care of the diabetic kidney. The Kidney Group is home to The Diabetic Kidney Institute where we are active in prevention, treatment, and research of the effect of diabetes on kidney health.

Our philosophy is simple…we practice state-of-the-art medicine the old fashioned way…we listen…we ask questions…we want to know all the medications you take, both prescribed and over-the-counter. The kidneys purify the blood for your entire body; so, what’s going on in your other bodily systems as well as what you are ingesting all affect the kidney.

We will talk about ways to protect and, in some cases, vastly improve your kidney function.

We have two office locations, one at Holy Cross Hospital and one in central Plantation.

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